This report has three major objectives, detailed below.


  1. Analysis of how the agricultural consultancy system has evolved in Romania after 1989, with focus on a more recent period: 2016-2023.
  2. Analysis of training and advisory measures in the 2014-2020 National Plan for Rural Development (PNDR) – measure 1 “Knowledge transfer and information actions” and measure 2 “Advisory services, farm management services and on-farm replacement services”: what they aimed for, what were the main directions of support and to whom they were addressed, as well as how they were actually implemented.
  3. Analysis of the provisions of the current National Strategic Plan (NPS) 2023-2027 regarding the training, information, and advisory services for farmers that the NPS will support from the European funds for agriculture and rural development, as well as the vision of the program vis-à-vis AKIS (the knowledge and innovation system in agriculture).


The report is available only in Romanian.