million dollars

granted for programs under the civil society & philanthropy priority

Romanian-American Foundation invests in strategic programs that aim to empower individuals, groups and organizations to assume shared responsibility and to take action to solve community/society issues. These programs are designed to mobilize resources in support of civic initiatives and actions in the long run.


Over the past few years Romania has witnessed a positive surge in civic engagement.  A growing number of informal citizens groups and private donors have become involved in identifying and addressing communities’ concerns. Moreover, Romanians prove willing to contribute time, money and know-how, particularly if they have the context and opportunities to do so, and if they trust the people involved.


However, organizations able to provide the necessary support system for civic engagement are either absent or underdeveloped and require consistent support to flourish and overcome limitations.


The future of civic engagement must focus on the next generation of active citizens: children and young people. Insufficient civic education in schools, limited learning opportunities outside schools, and the lack of role models threaten the future of civic engagement and participation.


Through our work we aggregate mechanisms that foster interactions between people and their communities. We believe that a society is that much stronger when its citizens are actively involved in their communities.


RAF has set several strategic objectives under this priority: to support the development of civic/philanthropy-friendly infrastructure, to provide opportunities for young people to learn and practice active citizenship, and to contribute to the capacity development of our partner organizations.

Programs and strategies