The theory of change is a way of projecting yourself into the future and asking: what would I like to see around me, seven years from now? Then, walk backwards and define, step by step, the priorities and activities that you think would take you from where you are today to that point you envisage would make you happy seven years later.



The mission of the Romanian-American Foundation is to strengthen and promote conditions for a sustainable market economy and a democratic society that provides access to opportunity for all segments of Romanian society.


We envision a more prosperous, engaged and entrepreneurial society, where people think more innovatively and act more responsibly.


In the long run, and as a result of our work, we would like to see that:


  • Communities are shaping their own future
  • The rural economy is creating significant value for the economy;
  • Innovation and technology are an integral part of Romania’s core economy;
  • Young people are encouraged to become leaders for change and progress;
  • Philanthropy becomes a societal value, grounded in solidarity and trust.


We support programs, ideas and organizations with a high potential for growth and replication, which can have substantial impact in communities.



We know that our financial and organizational resources are modest compared to the needs of Romanian society, therefore we focus on those areas where well-structured and targeted investments have the potential to create a significant change.



We seek to support and collaborate with change-makers and leaders from different areas, organizations that share our vision and passion for developing the public good.



We have identified three strategic priorities that will guide our work in the following years, namely: rural economy, technology & innovation, and civil society & philanthropy.

The Romanian-American Foundation is run by a local team based in Bucharest, and an international Board of Trustees.