Authors: Bogdan Voicu, Ștefania Andersen, Dana Țălnar-Naghi


This report was commissioned by Fundația pentru Dezvoltarea Societății Civile, through the Romanian Quantitative Studies Association, with financial support from the Romanian-American Foundation, and focuses on describing the system of data collection and use of the NGO sector and on identifying ways to streamline data collection, analysis and use. 


There are two essential aspects:


  • On the one hand, we enquire what is useful to know about the NGO sector, so we can find ways of increasing the capacity to regularly repertory and to gain in-depth knowledge about the sector, its structure, the areas of intervention, the impact on society.
  • On the other hand, we wonder what data we have or can have. The report reviews existing data on the NGO sector, the representations of relevant actors in the system about this data and it explores possibilities of improving the quality of the data in itself, rendering data collection more efficient, and stimulating its use.



There are three essential sources at the basis of the present approach. The report is based on analysis of existing data, models from other countries, and interviews with key players in the field.


The report is available only in Romanian.