RAF collaborates with organizations that share a common vision and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Any partner must be a legally registered entity with strong leadership, a relevant track record, excellent reputation, sound operations and policies, and a core permanent staff;
  • All programs must fall under one of our areas of focus (education, entrepreneurship, community development);
  • Programs must address an important issue, clearly demonstrate a social need, be sustainable and be able to attract additional resources;
  • Long-term programs with national coverage and clear, broad impact in target  communities will be encouraged;
  • Grant beneficiaries are expected to contribute about 10% of the total program budget in cash or in kind;
  • RAF will not replace or substitute any public service;
  • RAF will not invest in projects or organizations that may be viewed as maintaining political affiliations;
    Funded activities must respect human rights and the environment;
  • A strict conflict of interest policy will be enforced at all levels of operation.