The program aims to further strengthen FDSC in its role to facilitate cooperation within and outside the civil society sector, and to establish a starting point for possible further investments in developing the research infrastructure for civil society.



Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Romanian NGOs have proven their ability to mobilize quickly and address critical needs, build relationships and gain trust from different actors, and they have been recognized as relevant by citizens and authorities alike. At the same time, the extraordinary energy required during the pandemic has often led to fatigue within organizations and diminished availability to have strategic medium and long-term perspectives. With the new government and parliament are in place after the 2020 general elections, better prospects emerged for cooperation with civil society compared to previous years, and civil society was faced with the challenge to mobilize and find the energy to invest in showcasing its credibility and expertise as a future counterpart for public policies.

After a year of unprecedented pandemic crisis, the NGO sector needs strong facilitators and leading organizations, more than ever. FDSC acts as a spokesperson for the NGO sector, and has done even more so in 2020. Thus, maintaining the capacity and sustainability of the organization benefits the entire NGO sector, given the large group of NGOs directly supported (through grants, technical assistance, expertise, etc.) or collaborating with FDSC, allowing them to benefit from FDSC’s demonstrated and recognized expertise in basic areas (legislative framework, research, facilitating access to resources, etc.).


  • Facilitate cooperation and access to expertise on framework legislation and public decisions
  • Providing representativeness of the sector within the consultative structures
  • Maintaining the role of relevant contributor on civil society issuesat EU level 
  • Carrying out a process of structured analysis of the infrastructure in the field of data collection and analysis of the Romanian civil society sector (research infrastructure)


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