The University Leadership Program clusters university managers including Rectors, Vice-Rectors, Deans, and professors to participate in a two-tiered program that begins with Babson College’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Bootcamp and is followed by Harvard University’s Harvard Leadership Program. Each year, 40 university managers will have access to the program to deepen their understanding of the factors that both inhibit and advance organizational change within their universities.  In the first section, Babson College will work with the participants on becoming change leaders within their universities and the ecosystems around them while focusing on activities in developing the entrepreneurial mindset. The following section, provided by Harvard university, will focus on both their personal effectiveness to drive change and innovation as well as how to strategically align university resources to effect change.  




Romania has an important and dynamic technology sector coupled with a relevant technical education system graduating an expanding professional community of ICT experts.

At the same time, its digital innovation ecosystem is still incipient, and Romania’s standing in global innovation rankings is the worst in the EU. Currently, the IT&C sector is one of the main drivers of economic growth in Romania, as the IT sector employs roughly 220,000 people, who produce nearly 7% of the GDP.

Over the past decade, the RAF has supported universities through programs that have included the Fulbright-RAF Scholar Award, Innovation Labs and Entrepreneurial University. This program is a continuation of the joint effort made by universities, the Romanian-American Foundation and the business sector to provide specialized training opportunities for students. Previous programs have paved the way for these types of interventions, and universities have understood the value of gathering more information about how they can align within the local ecosystem to bring in new partners while strategically developing outward.



The Romanian University Leadership Program is a high-level intervention that will contribute to higher education for years to come. RAF expects that the cohorts of leaders, having completed both the Babson College Entrepreneurial Leadership Bootcamp and Harvard University’s Leadership Program, will begin to rethink their university strategies while clearly incorporating their entrepreneurship and innovation goals. Rectors will have academic leadership teams to assist in developing strategic visions and plans.

The University Leadership Program will work with approximately 20 Romanian universities creating a professional network of university managers who will be better prepared to effectuate change. This program will undoubtably bring university leaders closer together, opening future programs and funding opportunities.

Through their work with the Entrepreneurial Leadership Bootcamp, Universities will begin to realign themselves within their ecosystems placing greater relevance to partnerships with industry. Over the medium term we expect more companies and individuals to contribute to education programs and offer mentoring to students.



  • New entrepreneurship initiatives within the university supported/launched
  • Cross-university collaborations initiated for new programming
  • Evidence of connections to the greater entrepreneurship education ecosystem (community partnerships, connecting students to businesses, etc.)