Project Citizen is a civic education method teaching students how to relate with public authorities and use their citizen rights to influence their decisions. The program supports the inclusion of this method in the current practice of teaching civic education in the seventh grade.




“Project Citizen” is a civic education program for 5th – 8th graders based on an interactive learning method. The model was developed by the Center for Civic Education based in the U.S. and is used in 84 countries.


“Project Citizen” teaches children to explore their own communities for topics that require an intervention from the local or county authorities, to suggest public policy solutions and create an advocacy plan in support of those solutions. During this process, children learn essential elements about the operation of public institutions, about the role of citizens in a democracy and about public participation.


Institutul Intercultural din Timișoara adjusted the method and manuals and supported the program between 2003 and 2013, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, 500 teachers were trained and 100,000 children took part in the program.



The RAF grant allows Institutul Intercultural din Timișoara to document the effects of the project after 10 years of implementation in schools and explore the best way to strengthen it. Based on these results, the organization will build a development strategy to ensure the sustainability and growth of the project.