Galantom is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform, developed in 2013, that involves voluntary fundraisers to support causes they believe in through fundraising from their own networks.




More and more individuals and companies are open and willing to support NGOs and community causes, if the right message reaches them and if they have the right tools and methods to get involved. However, a significant part of Romanians still believes that their small gestures do not matter, and they feel unimportant within their communities.




Within this context, there is a need to develop the tools and methods for people to get involved and to promote the positive examples at the level of communities, people to show other people, through their own stories, that small gestures matter and can make a positive impact.


The Program’s main objective is to accelerate the development of the Galantom platform, by:

  1. intensifying the communication activities
  2. conducting new business activities in order to attract new organizations to the platform
  3. increasing the number of education and know-how sharing activities with the NGOs present on the platform in order to build their capacity in peer-to-peer fundraising;
  4. developing new platform functionalities to improve user experience




  • Growth of the philanthropy infrastructure that mobilizes local resources (people and money) for community causes – volunteer fundraisers contribute to the development of projects of the organizations they support by attracting new individual donors from their social circles;
  • The benefits of civic engagement and philanthropy for solving society issues are increasingly present in the public space as a growing number of volunteer fundraisers become examples of involvement in their communities inspiring and engaging other people to act;
  • NGOs develop capacity in peer-to-peer fundraising and will be able to engage more volunteer fundraisers. They will raise more funds through peer-to-peer fundraising, and this will lead to a positive impact at the level of communities as they will be able to serve more beneficiaries and solve community issues.