The purpose of the program is to set up a research and expertise unit within CSD (center affiliated with Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj) that will contribute to the professionalization of the NGO and Philanthropic sector.





The non-profit sector is characterized by fragmented, unstructured, and hard to apply information in understanding the needs for development of philanthropy and civil society and to advance evidence-based policy or programming. Also, the growth of the sector was not matched by a similar development of training services for NGOs or of an adequate pool of specialists in the field. Academia may contribute to the development of the sector, directly through research and capacity building services, and indirectly by adjusting university programs to cover non-profit issues and become a funnel for future experts.





The program aims to explore how a research center affiliated with Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj can develop a new line of action focused on the development of civil society and philanthropy through research and support services (training and consultancy).





Long-term outcomes for the center:

  • Improved evidence-based policy on civil society and philanthropy
  • Increased awareness of donors and support organizations on the needs of NGOs allowing better programming especially for capacity building
  • Improved capacity for NGOs to design and deliver programs
  • Larger pool of expertise, able to provide specialized services for the sector especially in areas that are missing now: evaluation and impact assessment.


Immediate outcomes:

  • Improved capacity of CSD to develop a new line of action (research and support services such training and consultancy) focused on civil society and philanthropy.