RAF supported the introduction and replication of the Ashoka Innovators for the Public model in Romania, a program that identifies and supports entrepreneurial individuals with innovative solutions for society’s systemic problems.




Ashoka is the largest global social entrepreneurship support network with an international presence in over 90 countries, where it supports over 3,500 Fellows. Given the needs in Romania, the international recognition of their model and the expressed interests from both national and international potential partners to join the establishment process, we saw it opportune to support Ashoka’s entry in country.


Leveraging on its consolidated experience in jump-starting such ecosystems for social entrepreneurship across the world, Ashoka worked to help develop an infrastructure in Romania by identifying the most innovative entrepreneurs with their solutions and by enabling support communities around them to scale their impact.



The program is built around several strategic activities:

  1. Develop a public map of Romania`s innovators and changemakers and lay the operational foundation in Romania.
  2. Introducing successful international solutions from the Ashoka network and transferring the transfer to Romania.
  3. Select and support leading Romanian Social Entrepreneurs as “Ashoka Fellows”, by offering them financial support and technical assistance at national and global level.
  4. Creation of cross-sectoral core groups for change.
  5. Organizational development, with focus on increasing fundraising capacity.