Adriana Popescu

Program Director, Education

Adriana has a wide experience in the nonprofit sector, her main expertise being in organisational development, training, grant management, development of educational projects and programs. Before joining RAF, in the 6 years as a freelance consultant, expert and trainer, she was involved both in grassroots initiatives (such as developing educational programs for children in disadvantaged rural communities or developing teachers’ skills) and in strategic and capacity building initiatives (such as supporting organizations and institutions to develop their strategic plans, using innovation, Foresight and Design Thinking processes for developing new projects and programs, increasing management capabilities of leaders in the social field).


During her over 20 years of activity in the nonprofit field, she built a strategic understanding of civil society projects and grant-making schemes. She was the Team Leader of the NGO Fund, part of EEA & Norway Grants, a 36.6 million Euro program which funded 390 projects in various themes including human rights, social justice, advocacy, networks and coalitions etc.


She graduated the Maastricht School of Management MBAwith a final thesis on Drivers of innovation in Romanian NGOs.